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Up North Beard Tamer

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A great addition to a choice beard oil. Add a small amount of beard tamer to your beard to control the wild strays.

Up North Scent- The smell of going away up north for a long weekend with the guys. No, not six un-showered dudes that reek of fish guts. Instead, the smell of freedom and pine that instantly brings relief from the stress of life. Experience the irresistible blend of balsam and cedar nestled into your beard whenever you so desire. Now that is a man trip that even your significant other will be begging you to go on everyday!

Scent: Balsam and Cedar


Using the back of your thumbnail scrape out about a dime size amount and rub thoroughly between your hands. Once spread evenly on your hands simply apply to the surface of your beard giving it shape and controlling the wild stray hairs

Scent: Balsam and Cedar

With beeswax, pumpkin seed butter, vitamin E, pure essential oils and other premium ingredients.

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